Shirts for Hip Geeks and Nerds!


Until now there really weren't any clothes that celebrate our artistry and skill as Makers & 3D Printers (and the couple of us who love Marvin :) ). We have awesome skills and dedication. We need a way to show it off. So, I inspired a crack team of designers (with a rousing speech), and here is the awesome beginning. I make a couple dollars off of each shirt, and I'm going to donate 50% of what I make to a charity that teaches making to children who are less-privileged – spreading the joy and fulfillment we gain through making is what it is really all about. Grab a few for yourself or the maker in your life. I'm told they make great holiday gifts :)

Check them out and let me know if there's a design that you'd like to see that isn't available and I'll get the team right on making it!