How We Came To Stop Worrying and Love Marvin

After three years together, we knew we wanted to get married. But, we had a couple things to work on. So, we got working, and pretty soon we were getting a lot better at understanding and being empathetic towards one-another. Of course, we started to have more fun too.

Amy and I in Telluride Colorado.

Amy and I in Telluride Colorado.

Right around this time, I was working on getting my 3D printer dialed in.  Theres no better way to improve settings and skills than by printing Marvin over and over again. I'm obsessive, so it became print-calibrate-repeat. Stress on 'repeat.' I was in deep.

My workshop filled up with Marvins of every size and color: We're talking tons of Marvins. What to do with them...?

So I started surreptitiously leaving them around the house. On Amy's desk. In the kitchen cabinets. In the car. In the medicine cabinet by her toothbrush. Beside the bed.

Soon, Amy started finding Marvins. She'd ask me "What is this?" and I'd say "What is what? Oh! That's Marvin." The fun just started. Amy began saying "I Found another Marvin! How did he get here?" "Ask him" I'd reply. Marvin was alive. Every time Amy found a new Marvin it made her smile. It made us both smile. We were in a good place. Marvin alone wasn't responsible for getting us there,  but he was there to confirm it.

Not only is Marvin the mascot of the 3D printing maker movement, he is our friend, and now occupies a place of pride in our home just as Amy's prized Hello Kitty collection does (that's big).

It may sound silly, but we know that anytime we need to be reminded how far a little understanding and empathy can go, we know we can return to Marvin and he will show us the way.

I love 3D printing.

We love Marvin.


UPDATE: The Marvin Engagement Ring

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